Why choose me as your buyer’s agent

Even though most real estate agents offer similar services for buyers, I have the five star customer reviews to prove that the services I offer are always first-class. As a buyer’s agent I will help to make your home or property purchase as stress-free as possible by taking the following steps:

Finding the right property in no time

Clients who are in the market to buy a house usually have a time restriction; especially if they are relocating or have sold a property and need to find a replacement. I do not expect clients to come to me with a list of homes that they want to see. 

My website offers an easy home search process providing:

  • A search page that is easy to use with filters for optimal search results by asking for features like price range, property size, number of beds and more.
  • An option to easily request additional info from me.
  • Immediate email alerts letting you know what’s new to the market.
  • Messages in the event of any changes to the property, e.g. a reduction in price.

Negotiations and Market data 

  • My access to market data and my knowledge of Paris and surrounding, including Lamar, Delta, Titus and Dallas Counties, is invaluable when negotiations begin.
  • My custom Comparative Market Analysis assists in comparing past statistics to current market prices, which allows us to know which price offer is closer to the market price at any given moment. 
  • I monitor price fluctuations of properties in order to determine the reasons for the sale. I use this information to work out the best price to negotiate.
  • I know what pitfalls to look out for in order to give my clients a better footing in negotiations. A a buyer, you never have to address negotiations alone and will always have a backup plan in place.

Financing to suit your need

I have excellent referrals for brokers that offer the best choices and advice. They keep the following in mind.

  • The financing of a salaried person’s mortgage is completely different to that of someone who is self employed, something an experience lender will consider.
  • The applications are complicated with a lot of documentation needed. Demands for specific credit ratings are not always easy to meet and a good broker knows the right lenders for those that don’t have them.Buyers who are purchasing for a shorter time periods qualify for Adjustable Rate Mortgage. In some cases these ARMs offer great savings often allowing for the purchase of a bigger home. but, but they require serious due diligence and education.
  • Institutions vary on the fees that they charge and the brokers will advise you about the charges, how they are calculated and paid.

Inspections and repair negotiations

I ensure that all the right inspections are carried out on the property and negotiate any repairs that might be needed before the closure of the deal. This entails quite a bit of organizing and coordination of various technicians which can be time consuming.

Depending on the property, these inspections may include:

  • Structure
  • Roof
  • Mechanical equipment (heating cooling, pools)
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Pest and insect infestation
  • Mold
  • Water quality
  • Septic systems

The scheduling, supervising and the repair deadlines for these are seen to by my team.

Title Insurance

It is important to know that the titles of your property are all in order. Most people just go through a few pages of the disclosure documents. There is usually no problems with houses that have changed hands previously but it is always better to be safe than sorry. You ought to know what restrictions there might be on the property before the final signatures are in place avoid surprises in the future. I am here to answer any questions and to help you go through every aspect of the title insurance. There is a deadline date for any objections you might may, I ensure we meet it.


Once the purchase contract is signed there are still quite a few tasks to be undertaken. I coordinate all the individuals involved which include attorneys, surveyors, appraisers, Title Company, mortgage broker, lender etc. I communicate wall with all parties and ensure all the documents are received by you for safekeeping.

As you can see, these it a lot to buying a home. Having an experienced pro at your side make a world of difference! I am available by phone,text, email, or would love to meet in person anytime to talk about your purchase goals.